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Teenage Dreams


In the dating app, you swiped right and unexpectedly matched with Lauren Phillips, your friend’s mom. She was your first crush when she was a star cheerleader. Despite being married, she takes a risk and invites you to their home. She’s very nervous and can’t believe that you, being so young, are so interested in her. Please keep this secret from her husband and son. Lauren instantly becomes aroused after you confidently take her hand and kiss her. She brings her juicy big boobs right into your arms to squeeze them. So squeeze, kiss, and lick them, then put your tongue on her nipples and suck them hard. Lauren gives you a blowjob and the sweetest balls licking you ever had. She wraps her titties around your cock so you can titty-fuck her. Lauren Phillips puts your cock deep inside her pussy and starts riding on your hips frontward and then backward. Move to your friend’s bedroom. Play with her titties and lick her armpits, put your tongue into that wet pussy, and eat it out. Fuck mommy in the doggy position, slapping her big butt and pulling her red hair back to make her moan hotly. Stretch her pussy out while Lauren lies on her back and plays with her clit. She brings her feet to your mouth – you can’t resist tasting them. Swap positions, and now you’re lying on your back and enjoying Lauren, the woman you could only dream of before. She bounces on you and cums again and again. Now it’s your turn to cum, so give mommy a big load! Watch how she licks it out and tastes every drop. It looks like you did a great job since you’re invited for the next date!
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