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Absolute Taboo: Trial By Cum Brat


Demi Hawks, your stepdaughter’s best friend walks into your house. She sees right through you: you’re such a shameless pervert. How did she find this out? Well, you’ve been staring and undressing her with your eyes at the last party. So Demi invites you to play a game: if you kiss her toes and lick them, she’ll show you her titties. While you sniff and taste her sweaty feet, Demi takes a shot. She’s ready to compromise you. If you don’t want to be exposed, you have to follow her commands. Despite being a dangerous game, it makes you hard. Hot stepdad forgets all the restrictions and is ready to get a blowjob and balls licking, huh? Demi does a sweet nipple licking followed by the feet fuck. A dream of a dirty perv comes true. Your stepdaughter’s friend bounces on your cock from the front and behind while sitting on your hips. Demi invites you to keep going on the bed. She stands in the doggy and asks for your big cock in her tight and wet pussy. Then she turns around and looks straight into your eyes while fuck her hard and try not to cum. Change positions and suck her toes while your cock slides in her pussy. Taste every inch of this slutty girl: fingers, lips, armpits, tits, and a pussy, of course. Make her cum and moan loud with pleasure. Fill her up with a huge load of cum. Demi is satisfied with your work and promises to keep your naughty secret because it seems it wasn’t the last time…
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