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Endurance Challenge XXlayna Marie


Petite sweet baby XXLayna Marie hops into the room, where you’re resting on the couch after your workout. She acknowledges that you’re the best sugar daddy in the world because of how well you treat her and shower her with gifts. Now XXLayna wants to prove she’s also the best sugar baby for her “pappy.” But there is a small detail: XXLayna is having her ovulation right now, which makes her incredibly horny, and she wants you inside her tight pussy right here and now. Without a condom. You recognize the need for caution, yet the potential risk only arouses you further. XXLayna is throbbing inside and wants you so bad, but before she lets you in, you have to pass the endurance challenge: hold your cum while she’s giving you a blowjob. If you can make it, you get the grand prize and go raw inside her. Look at her pretty titties, at her pierced tongue gliding over your skin and licking your nipples, smell her scents, and taste her pretty pussy right in front of your face… But pappy, please promise not to cum early!
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