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Absolute Taboo: HypnoSis


You are trying to hypnotize your stepsister Melody Marks. It doesn’t work and only annoys her. She mocks you, calling you a loser. But after a while, Melody pays attention to your movements and falls asleep on your hips. You snap, subdue her, and she follows your commands. But oops! All this time she was just pretending to be hypnotized. You feel embarrassed, and to relieve you of this feeling, Melody asks you to verbalize what you want from her. Telling the truth is much easier than hypnosis. Stunning blondie Melody wants you too, so now you can do something productive together: tease and touch each other, trying not to get caught by your parents. Melody licks you and whispers dirty words to your ear. She kisses you, and moves so softly touching your naked body… You become very hard, and can’t wait to feel every inch of her pussy. But be careful and obedient: this girl is dangerous, you better kindly do what she asks. Melody takes your cock deep in her mouth and then jumps on it to roll fast. You guys better not take risks and move upstairs to your room, because parents may be back soon. Express your wishes aloud. Then use your mouth for more: eat your stepsister’s pussy and suck its sweet juices. Lie back and watch how she moans while riding your cock, and switch on time. Now it’s your turn to fuck her fast and hard and cum on her beautiful face.
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