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Virtual Taboo Swimsuit Edition

Hot Pearl has just started college and invites her friends Lina Shisuta and Mia Grandy over to study. Her mom is away on business and only her stepfather is at home. The girls know they should be focused on schoolwork, but it is a beautiful day and they decide to enjoy some time by the pool. It is a lot more VR porn fun than studying and her friends notice Pearl’s stepfather watching them from inside. They look quite good in their tiny Virtual Taboo suits with bottoms that ride up high between their asscheeks. The girls decide to tease you to see how far they can push things. When they turn to face you, they all flash you. You can’t help but stare, even at your stepdaughter. They smile when they see your cock start to rise immediately. Such a dirty daddy, but do you want them to stop? It doesn’t look like it by the way you are staring. It looks like you want to see more of all three of them. That is just what you are going to get as the three teasing teens pull their suits aside to show shaved pussies. If you really like what you see, you should take your cock out and show them firsthand. What is it going to take to make you play with your experienced cock? A little three-pussy peep show? How about spreading young lips just dying for a good hard pounding? They don’t mind at all. In fact, Hot Pearl gets so hot watching you stroke to her friends, that she rams her fingers into her wet twat harder than either of them. Her friends love how kinky it is and lick her nipples while she cums watching her mother’s horny husband shoot his big load. Oh, this is one hell of a juicy family secret.
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