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I’m Your Dirty Girl


You couldn’t believe it when your friend told you that your step sister was a cam girl. To find out for yourself, you pretended to go to class one day and doubled back in time to catch her half naked and setting up for a private session. You were shocked because Haley Spades VR has always seemed so innocent, but seeing her like this was also a huge turn on. It is important that you keep her secret and not tell your parents. If you can do that for her, she doesn’t mind if you watch her perform and if you feel like it, even touch yourself. It seems impossible that your sweet step sister could actually be such a dirty girl, but the deal is far too good to pass up. She bends over, showing her ass while you watch from across the room. Having a live audience always turns Haley on, but having her stepbrother in the same room is having a totally different effect. Her pussy is wet and her nipples hard before she even gets started. As she pulls up her shirt to let her perky titties pop out, she gives you a wink. Her smile has never seemed so naughty and you can feel your cock throbbing in your pants. Out it comes and you can see her watching it as she strips, starting at your hardon while you stroke for your sexy stepsister’s live VR porn show. Her shorts come off and you can hear her fingers squishing as she slips them into her horny little pussy hole. The show is so hot that you blow your load long before it ends. Who knew that the hottest cam star in town lived under your own roof?
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