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Wedding Can Wait


Sandralyd’s stepbrother is about to get married. He is very happy and his bride-to-be makes a good living. She’s also a bit of a cold fish and that makes her sad for him. She has always had a crush on you and knows you like your sex on the kinky side. Worried you won’t be happy, she decides to give you a special send-off. To make sure it is an encounter you will never forget, she enlists the help of her best friend Milena Ray, a young and gorgeous VR pornstar. They wait for the right time. When the cake is delivered, she calls you down and when you arrive you find both of them waiting in matching pink dresses. They get a bit flirty and you are immediately uncomfortable. That is exactly what Sandralyd was hoping for. She can see your cock getting hard and before you can leave, they make their intentions completely clear. Just a one-time thing that would be their little secret. A special three-way fuck as a going-away present. You know it is wrong, but when they both flash you their perky tits, you don’t have the willpower to say no. You can’t decide who to fuck first, so they double up on you with their mouths while you make up your mind. They are both quite skilled and Sandralyd insists that she go first to make this VR porn taboo threesome official. Her tight pussy slides down over your cock and she doesn’t stop until you are balls deep inside of her. Milena wants a turn and does her best to keep up with the sexy step-siblings. The girls keep each other company as well, touching and licking each other’s nipples to help aid in countless orgasms. As she shoots your load all over their faces, you aren’t sure how you are going to stay happily married to a cold wife knowing your stepsister is a kinky slut.
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