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Plenty Of Love For All

For Valentine’s Day, Sandralyd wants to do something very special for her boyfriend. You come home to find her holding a huge heart in front of her. When she lowers it, you see that she has bought a sexy red dress that is so tight you can see all of the perfect curves of her body. You also have gifts for her and as you exchange them, you are unaware that your stepsister Liz Ocean is watching. As she watches you getting a private strip VR porn show from your girlfriend, she too slips out of her clothes to tease you. Sandralyd is just about to put her man’s cock in her mouth when Liz reveals herself. She has no date for Valentine’s Day and is so jealous that she reveals to Sandralyd that she is having an affair with you. The news is shocking, but in the spirit of the romantic holiday and because she was already feeling horny, she admits that she has always liked Liz and is open to a kinky VR taboo threesome. The two horny hotties get busy sucking your cock and just when they are about ready to fuck, they get another surprise. It turns out you were cheating on both of them with Lia Lin who just happened to pop in for a surprise Valentine’s Day visit. They are all quite upset at first, but none of them want to waste a good hard-on, so they pull you into the bedroom to make your work off your indiscretions. Two mouths are better than one, then all three on your cock are enough to send you over the moon. They line up and take turns, riding you with their tight pussies until you can hardly take another moment of pleasure. You hold out as long as you can before blasting a massive load of cock cream for the horny trio to share. Now you have to figure out which of the three to take to dinner.
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