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Agatha Vega VR is very jealous. Her stepbrother is planning an amazing vacation with his girlfriend who happens to be Agatha’s best friend. The trip is bothering her for two reasons. First, because she and her stepbrother have talked about this exact travel route for years. The second reason she is so jealous is because she has a huge crush on him and can’t stand that her best friend gets to take the trip and fuck him every night. Unable to hold back, she decides that the best way to go on the trip is to make you forget about your girlfriend. She tries on some of her hottest summer outfits, not bothering to cover herself. You can’t take your eyes off of her when she squeezes into tiny shorts and the bulge in your pants tells her that the trip is nearly hers. Her Virtual Taboo thong swimsuit seals the deal. You can’t deny it any longer, you want to fuck your stepsister as much as she wants to fuck you. Your cock pops out of your pants and right into her waiting mouth. She makes you forget about your girlfriend in no time. She can’t wait to feel every throbbing inch of that big dick in her tight pussy. No longer needing to hide her feelings she screams for you to fuck her harder and deeper. She promises to suck your cock and fuck you every day of the trip and you both know she does both things better than your girlfriend ever could. Agatha rides your cock until you are ready to explode. At the last minute, she jumps off and strokes your load all over her face. Now there is only one thing left to do. Tell your girlfriend the bad news.
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