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Free Use On Halloween


Claire Ross VR is very excited about the big Halloween party. She and her stepbrother are hosting a party. Claire has a sexy costume and can’t wait for all the attention she is going to get. While putting the finishing touches on the decorative pumpkins, Clair sees you come into the room. She can see the look in your eyes and knows what you are thinking. Ever since you discovered the Free Use fetish and got her to agree, you have been putting your big cock into her anytime you want. She can tell that you are ready and her pussy is wet just waiting for you to take advantage of her willing holes. You start by poking your dick into some of her pumpkins before moving to her mouth. Claire opens up and lets you fuck her face as hard as you like. It feels better than the Jack O’ Lantern, but you have other holes in your mind. She doesn’t stop working while you fuck her like a VR porn model, cutting more pumpkins and taking calls from her friends. None of them know that she is a Free Use fuck toy for you not even her boyfriend. Claire doesn’t care. She loves taking calls from her unsuspecting boyfriend while riding your hard dick. It turns her on so much to just get fucked any time. You don’t even stop when it’s time to cum, shooting your load into her while she is talking to her loving boyfriend. Nothing beats Free Use and she is never going to stop.
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