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My Super Skills


Mia Split is home from college and can’t wait to catch up. She has been away for months and has finally gotten up the nerve to let you know that she sees you as more than a friend. Unsure of how to approach the situation, she decides to show you what she has learned in her college-level dance classes. You take a seat and watch as she starts out slowly. At first, she just stretches, but the way she is looking at you as she puts her feet behind her head makes it difficult for you not to stare. Her warm smile grows bigger as she can see you covering the lump in your pants. This is exactly what she was hoping for and she tells you not to be embarrassed. She wants you to look at her like that. She wants to be your personal VR porn model. She wants to show you how she really feels. But take it slow. Just watch. It’s OK to take it out of your pants, but no touching just yet. How about a little more skin? Would you like to see how the dance moves look when she’s naked? Would that turn you on? If you want that, you really do have to take off your pants and prove it to her. Watching her stretch, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to see her legs behind her head. She would like to show you. See how wet she gets just watching you touch yourself? Do you think that you might feel the same? If you do then cum, cum along with her while she creams her fingers. Next time she won’t be dancing alone or watching taboo VR movies with herself.
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