You’re Not Her Property


Maddy Black has had a crush on her stepbrother for a long time. He has been away at college for nearly a year and returns home for the summer. She wants to act on her feelings, but the first time their parents leave for the night, Maddy has her best friend Rika Fane sleeping over. To make things more complicated, Rika is her brother’s girlfriend and she knows they have never actually fucked each other. Afraid to miss out on a perfect opportunity, she waits until Rika is asleep and then awaits you in the room. You have no idea what she wants when you find Maddy in the room and are shocked when she flashes her tits. This is so wrong and Rika is so close. Your mouth speaks the right words, but your cock gets hard at the thought of your sexy stepsister putting her full lips around your meat. As if reading your mind, she lips him into her mouth and down her throat. In this VR porn episode, you bend her over and fuck her from behind. Maddy gets so loud that she wakes up her friend. Rika is shocked but stuns you both when she suggests joining you for a naughty VR taboo threesome. You jump at the chance to fuck both pretty young women. They sample your cock and then share it, passing him back and forth between their hungry mouths. The girls play together quite well together and start playfully competing for your load. Maddy takes things a little too seriously and fucks you until you can’t hold back any longer. She doesn’t stop when you start shooting, taking your big load deep inside of her while her friend can only watch. Rika doesn’t mind at all. In fact, she promises to eat it out of Maddy if you promise to shoot the next load into her. And you kept your promise.
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