The Cumpetition


Micky Muffin and Liz Ocean are best friends who compete at everything. In school, they battle for the best grades. They fought hard over the captain of the cheerleading team and more than once, have stolen men from one another. So intense is their rivalry, that they seek concrete evidence as to who is the best at sucking cock. Playfully suggesting they use a chess timer to see who can make a guy cum faster, the best friends laugh because there are no guys to even try their idea on. The only guy around is Micky’s stepbrother. You hear them talking and make them an offer. You will happily judge which one of them is better at sex, but not if they are going to time it. It has to be something they all enjoy to make it a real test of who is best. Liz is hesitant, but Micky shocks her by agreeing right away. Fucking her own stepbrother? Why not, anything to prove she is better. In this VR porn movie, they tease you a bit and are happy to see that your cock is fully hard and huge. Taking turns, they suck your cock like professional VR porn stars, trying their best to please you and make you declare a winner early. You aren’t about to fall for that and sets the girls up to fuck their pussies. The deep strokes please the girls as much as they do you. Both your stepsister and her friend are wet, hot, and tight just the way you like them. They keep trying to make you lose control by bucking and grinding on your hard dick, but you fuck them both through several climaxes before finally getting ready. With neither willing to accept defeat, the girls share your load, passing it back and forth and making you promise to give them another chance to prove their sexual superiority.
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