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Your Stepdad Makes Me Wet

Clemence Audiard is very grateful to her new stepfather. Her mother has been overseas for a month and not only has her husband taken great care of Clemence, but he has also let her best friend Alyssa Bounty, a young and talented VR pornstar, stay with them. She hasn’t noticed that Alyssa and you have developed a bit of a crush on one another. One morning after sleeping over, Alyssa is in the kitchen with her best friend. Clemence decides to make breakfast for you to thank you for all that you do for her. While her friend is busy, Alyssa decides to seduce you. It doesn’t take much work because she looks so hot in her tight shorts as she bends over for you. You know you should leave the room. It’s too risky with your stepdaughter right there, but Alyssa is too cute and your cock immediately rises to the occasion. Jumping into action, the pretty brunette grabs your meat and makes it disappear into her talented mouth. When Clemence turns around to ask you how many eggs you want, she sees her friend sucking your dick. Rather than being upset, she is turned on. She has always wanted to share a cock with her bestie and new daddy has a big one. She bends over and lets you fuck her pussy with it, loving every inch of your forbidden meat. Alyssa is willing to share and happy to have her friend around to lick her nipples while she rides that thick mature dick. You are all having so much VR porn fun that you forget to pull out when Clemence is on top. Your big load fills her tight pussy until it is overflowing with taboo cream.
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