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Your wife Isabelle Deltore is gorgeous. You are quite lucky to have a wife as understanding as Isabelle. She is very supportive even though she always lets you know how much she misses you when you are gone. In this VR porn video, you hear some noise coming from her room and decide to check it out. You see Isabelle and a girl you do not know in revealing lingerie. Megan Fiore has been hired as your new babysitter by your wife. Isabelle thinks you should get to know each other better. Both of them are gorgeous and soon have you begging them to take more clothes off. They agree, but only if you take out your cock and start stroking. The girls get playful and start to undress one another. Megan is turned on because you don’t leave and is getting visibly excited at the sight of your wife’s soft tits. They watch and encourage you to stroke harder and faster. The whole thing really turns Megan on so she spreads her legs and masturbates along with you. She cums first and then helps Isabelle get off right in front of you. The sight of your beautiful wife playing with your hot babysitter sends you over the edge as you shoot a big load in their direction.
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