Stark Raving Bad


Amber Stark is your cute, freckled-face stepdaughter and she wants to thank you for being such a good stepdad. Her mom’s taste in men has given her grief but this time she found a winner! Amber will give you a card and even invite you to help her pick an outfit! As she strips down quick to try on some new clothes, Amber will notice you getting hard-as-fuck. Since you are such a good stepdad, Amber will show you she is a total bad girl by grabbing that thick dick for a blowjob and much more. Amber will wrap her sweet lips around your cock and take every inch of you in her tight pussy too. Let this cute redhead ride and grind on top of you then bend her over for doggy style fucking and missionary sex too. You’ll cum all over her quivering stepdaughter vag but will you get away with being so bad with Amber? Enter VR porn for some pulse-pounding action and go stark raving bad with Amber Stark.
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