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Alice Hernandez VR has been living in Japan as an exchange college student for a few months. She has loved the experience, but can’t stop thinking about her host family’s son. He is kind and cute but only speaks Japanese. Alice has been working to learn the language and waiting for a chance to be alone with you. When her host family is all away except for their son, she goes into your room dressed in sexy lingerie and starts to talk to you in Japanese. In this revealing outfit, she looks like a model from your favorite VR taboo movies. She hasn’t learned much, but she is able to tell you that she has a crush on you and wants to see if you feel the same way. You aren’t certain that you understand her, so Alice leaves no doubt as to her intentions. Getting to bed she peels off some of her clothes slowly until you can do nothing but stare. She likes that you still seem shy and points at your dick, letting you know she wants to see it. Seeing your hard cock come out of your pants makes her smile. Alice wants to play a little. No touching each other today, but she wants you to masturbate while watching her. You have no problem with that and are stroking your cock as her clothes come off. Alice always wondered if you shared her feelings and your throbbing pecker tells her all she needs to know. Stripping for you is a huge turn-on, but seeing you play with yourself is driving her completely over the edge. Her fingers slide up and down her slick lips, matching your increasingly frantic strokes. You cum together and she is convinced now that she can have you, but not today. You will have to wait to be alone again soon.
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