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Put Me To Bed Stepdaddy


Lily Blossom loves to listen to a good bedtime story before going to bed, so whenever she is about to fall asleep, she asks her stepfather to read something to her. When she is well settled in bed, and you open the book to find another exciting story, Lily does not forget to take one of her favorite toys under the covers, like the ones she saw in the VR videos you like to watch. As you begin the story, Lily gazes up at you with eyes full of wonder. The words spill from your lips like magic, and your soft voice makes the girl not only run her oblong friend into her panties to stretch up her cute twat, but also dream about your magic stick. Each of your words makes Lily plunge deeper into her fantasies, and she does not notice how her movements under the covers become more intense. Suddenly, her dreams are interrupted after she no longer hears your voice. She opens her eyes and sees that now her dildo is in your hands and it continues to go in and out of her tight young cunny. Lily’s VR porn fantasies have become a reality, but maybe it’s just a dream. The girl decides that there is only one way to find it out. She carefully pulls out the dildo from her warmed pussy and asks you to penetrate it with a real dick rather than the rubber one. Being extremely aroused and feeling your thick cock stretching her completely wet vag Lily cannot stand even a few minutes as she is flooded with orgasms. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fantasy or a reality. She never dreamed of such an experience.
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