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Lovely To Meet You, Stepdaddy


Amalia Davis has been away at school all semester. While she was overseas, her mother remarried. She is going to meet her stepfather for the first time and is more than a little bit nervous. Having seen photos, she knows that he is very handsome and she has already had inappropriate thoughts about the handsome stranger who is now her new stepdaddy. She takes one look at him and her mind is full of all kinds of VR porn naughty ideas. Things only get more intense when he reaches out to shake her hand. One touch and she lets out a lusty whimper. He senses her desire and recognizes her submissive nature right away. Staring his new stepdaughter in the eye, he orders her to take her top down so he can roughly squeeze her large, firm breasts. She loves the way he touches her and drops to her knees the moment he commands it. His dick is inches from her mouth and even more glorious than she could have imagined. Knowing that this man is married to her mother makes her want him more and she happily opens her lips wide to let him fuck her pretty face. He makes her gag on his cock, but saves his hardest strokes for her pussy. When he gets behind Amalia, he holds her hips and buries every inch of his dick in her willing young hole. In this VR porn episode, he fucks her better than any of her boyfriends ever has and she can’t wait to show him what she can with her big tits wrapped around his dick. They do the trick, pushing him to the edge as she holds her mouth open so he can fill it with his hot spunk. This is the beginning of a beautiful family relationship.
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