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Your Teddy May Watch


After her mother got divorced, Freya Mayer VR found herself in a difficult position. Her mother had to rent out their spare room in order to afford the rent, but Freya didn’t like sharing her home with a stranger. With her mom working all the time, she had no one to vent her frustrations or confide her feelings except her favorite teddy bear. She is quite distraught and her mood only gets worse when she finds some strange objects under her mother’s pillow. As she is trying to figure them out, the roommate comes in and startles her. She knows she should not be in her mom’s bedroom, but he promises not to tell and even to show her what the strange devices are for. She is a little unsure but wants him to keep her secret so she agrees. In this dark VR porn episode, he shows her a leash and a ball gag. It feels strange, but Freya finds herself drawn to him and very turned on. He slips behind her and starts to fuck her. She moans into the gag, feeling things with this stranger she has never felt with a boyfriend. Wanting to feel her mouth on his cock, he removes the gag and lets her slurp and suck until his dick is dripping with her spit. With the leash still around her neck, Freya follows his orders, riding his dick just the way he likes it. She can’t help but wonder if he fucks her mother the same way. Before she can think to ask, he pulls her off and tells her to suck and not stop. She knows what this means and puts him in her mouth until she can taste the jets of hot cream spurting out. Freya swallows every drop. She has a new roommate and he has a new fucktoy.
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