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Athena Fleurs VR has been dating her boyfriend for a while now. Long enough for their love life to seem a little stale. She wants to spice things up a bit with a new sexy outfit. After a long day of shopping, she thinks she has the perfect outfit, but really wants a second opinion. She does her makeup and hair, puts on her new clothes, including a cute little collar, and calls her stepbrother into her room. If her stepbrother thinks the lingerie is sexy then her boyfriend has to love it. Your initial shocked expression is a good start, but the rapidly growing bulge in your pants is what really encourages her. In this VR porn video, she turns around and shows you how the cut leaves her ass out in the open. Do you think it makes her ass look too big? Not big enough? Just right? The way you have to adjust your dick gives her the answer and flatters her. Getting a bit daring, she pulls down her top and shows you her tits. You can’t believe what you are seeing but do not look away. Instead, you reach into your jeans and take out your cock. Athena likes what she sees and slips completely out of her new clothes. Watching you stroke your cock makes her more confident than ever that the outfit will be a huge hit with her boyfriend. But first, she has something to take care of. Seeing you beating your meat is making her horny and she needs a little relief herself. You ask her to bend over so you can stroke to her ass while you cum. She looks back and watches you shoot your load. When you finish, she orders you to keep stroking so she can watch and finish herself off. The outfit will do fine for her boyfriend, but Athena knows she has found a new secret plaything.
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