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Good Mommy’s Boy


Miss Jackson’s stepson has prepared a very romantic encounter for his girlfriend. Thinking your parents are away for the weekend, you have the bed covered in balloons and rose petals and have left some very sexy lingerie for her to wear. You came up with this idea after watching some romantic taboo VR porn movies. Realizing you forgot to get her flowers, you step out and grab some. While you are gone, Miss Jackson comes home and sees the romantic setup and sexy outfit. She assumes the whole thing is a grand gesture from her husband and decides to put on the lingerie and wait for him. When she sees you come through the door instead, she is shocked and embarrassed. She also sees the hard cock in your pants and doesn’t want it to go to waste. Your father hasn’t fucked her properly in ages and she knows she can please you better than your college girlfriend. You are not about to turn down head from your big-titted stepmom. She is skilled and eager to please as she makes your meat disappear into her hungry mouth. Spinning her around like a VR porn model, you thrust into her from behind while she clutches the sheets and knocks the rose petals to the floor. Wanting to try something special, she asks you to put it in her backdoor. Your girlfriend never lets you fuck her ass and you jump at the chance to feel Miss Jackson’s tight hole on your thrusting pole. She is pleased by how eager you are and how your hard pole fills her up. You speed up, stretching her ass so good that she is on the verge of cumming. To help push her over, she takes you back into her pussy and rides until she climaxes. The feeling is so good that you lose control as well, firing a big load into her pussy. That was more than she planned for, but you can deal with that another day.
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