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Hi, I’m Molly


Things have felt a little distant between you and Molly Devon, a gorgeous VR pornstar, lately. You have both been working really hard without a lot of time to spend together. This week, she has been really acting odd. Gone for long periods of time and very secretive. You don’t want to be jealous and suspicious, but can’t help but wonder if she is seeing someone else. She invites you over and you are expecting the worst, but are shocked when she greets you at the door in some very sheer lingerie. She has noticed the distance between you and has been trying to find the perfect outfit to help rekindle the spark. From the look on your face, she tell she has picked the right one. But slow down. No rushing tonight. In this VR porn episode, you’re allowed just look, and see all of the things you have been overlooking, the things that made you want her in the first place. She knows how much you like her ass which is why she picked an outfit that shows it all. Do you like the way it looks from this angle? Your cock seems to. Go ahead, take it out. It’s all right to look and want. How about the heels? Do you like the way they make her legs look? Is it time for more to come off? How far are you willing to go to see her get completely naked? Seeing you so excited in making her pussy wet. Wet enough for her fingers to slide in while she thinks about that dick you’re stroking. Think you can hold out? She is betting you can’t, especially when starts cumming all over her fingers. It doesn’t matter, she knows you will be ready for round two.
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