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Her Business Angel


The world of business is tough, and it is no wonder that not everyone can manage it and survive the so-called rat race. In the latest babe VR porn scene from VR Bangers, we’re gonna face some of those difficulties from the perspective of a truly beautiful, young businesswoman who’ll come to you and ask for some of your help and guidance. Are you gonna help her, or perhaps she won’t be worth your time? We’ll leave that decision in your hands, but something tells us that your potential business partner will have some exceptionally effective arguments to persuade you! Her Business Angel is the latest 8K UHD VR porn movie from VR Bangers where you’ll become a wealthy investor looking for new prospects to expand his empire. Since you will be known in the business world for creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs, one of them will come to your office today, asking whether you’re interested in supporting her sports underwear company. And although it sounds a bit unbelievable, your guest will be none other than Sisi Rose VR porn star, who you know from your favorite VR porn videos and who has always been one of your favorite Hispanic pornmodels. Then you’re about to start your negotiations, and Sisi will tell you all about her concept and the possible future growth of her business – but, and let’s be fair about it, it’s not gonna sound promising at all. When this Latina VR porn model will understand that you’re not really interested in her company and her presentation didn’t make a lasting impression on you, she’ll be forced to try using some different methods of negotiations. Perhaps with her on her knees or bent down in front of you, while pointing that curvy ass in your direction and asking for some spanking, you’ll rethink your investment and give her a chance to establish a partnership with you for a little longer? You’d better think it through well!
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