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Candyland Dreams


Even though VR porn movies at VR Bangers are usually trying to be as realistic and immersive as possible, from time to time, we like to create a somewhat surreal VR porn fantasy with elements straight from your dreams or fantasies. Candyland Dreams is one of those releases as in this threesome VR porn video, everything you’re about to witness is just a part of a sexy fantasy that will happen right in front of your face. More specifically saying, you’re gonna have a sweet dream at VR Bangers tonight. A dream inside which you’ll wake up in a colorful room to see two teen girls (Mina Luxx VR porn star and Molly Little VR porn model) dressed up in all pink and with two gigantic lollipops. You’ll observe them for a minute while they play with candies, improve their makeup, shoot photos of each other, and just have a lot of fun. The thing is, after a while, they’re gonna catch you red-handed peeking at them and explain to you that this is the world of Candyland where every sweet dream can become reality with their help. And since we’re talking about a VR porn movie with teen performers, we’re pretty sure you’ve got plenty of ideas on what you could ask for from sweet Mina and her even sweeter colleague Molly. So now the real question will be: what’s your sweetest dream, and what do you want them to do? Watch this VR porn scene with a lot of kissing to see if they’re capable of giving you what you need. And remember that at VR Bangers, you don’t need to be afraid of your fantasies, and here, with the help of our professional performers, everything is possible and within your reach. Just ask them nicely and watch how they’re doing their best to give you the sweetest dream you’ve ever had in your entire life!
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