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Eye-Catching Babes

Alyssa Bounty and Clemence Audiard were very excited when they got very generous cash gifts from their boyfriends for the holidays. They couldn’t wait to get to the stores and spend the money on something sexy. To say thank you, they decided to show off their new outfits together with you watching. You find it a little odd but do not object when you see the girls come out in their skimpy new clothes and sexy heels. They love the looks on your face and decide to do a little more than just model. As they gently touch each other they can see you adjusting the growing bulge in your pants. The girls agree that they don’t mind if you want to take out your cock and stroke it a bit. After all, the outfits are supposed to turn you on. To help you feel more comfortable, Clemence and Alyssa start to strip one another. They will only continue if you take out your cock and show your appreciation. Seeing a big cock throbbing has the two friends even more anxious to put on a sexy VR porn show. They have never thought about sharing before, but now it seems like a really fun idea. Their pussies spread and you can see how wet they are. Looking at both women has you stroking harder and faster than ever. The girls start to finger themselves, losing control and cumming right in front of you. They are lost in their own orgasm and don’t see as you shoot a big load into their hands. This is only the first step to the real VR porn fun you can all have together.
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