Welcome To Burlesque


Okay, guys, we need to talk about something. We all like striptease, right? Yeah, let’s just admit it. The thing is, though, there’s something even more enjoyable – yet pretty damn hard to find these days, which is why it’s way less popular, and you may have never even heard of it. What are we talking about? The art of burlesque! Burlesque is like a regular striptease, but in a much more stylish and attractive way – and requires some additional skills that can be very hard to find in a typical stripper. Here, style and class are simply a must and you have to pay a whole lot more attention to the details – although, as long as you’ve chosen an appropriate teen VR performer, the outcome is gonna be simply stunning! In our latest small-tits VR porn experience called Welcome To Burlesque we took that into consideration and made sure it’s all gonna be classy and stylish – just like mentioned above – with Ivy Wolfe VR porn star doing her job in front of your eyes as soon as you’ll wear your VR goggles. She knows what to do to make a guy like you really, really horny – and she’s not scared to use that knowledge against you to make you even hornier and has some fun with your huge cock. You’re moments away from banging this skinny VR porn model after this mesmerizing show we prepared for you at VR Bangers – do not make Ivy wait even a while longer as she’s been preparing for your visit and is super eager to show you what she’s got! Oh, and if you’re gonna cum in the middle of her performance, please don’t worry – she’ll consider it a compliment, and she’s actually kinda expecting you to do so!
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