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When you get home after a long day, you find Maddy Black, a gorgeous VR pornstar, waiting in a sexy black bra and panty set complete with garter straps. That is quite a surprise and a very good one. She lets you know that she has been shopping and wanted you to get a good look at the new outfit she picked out. It is a little more risque than she usually wears and really needs your honest opinion. No, don’t touch. Just sit back and take a good look at how it hugs her curves and exposes just enough. She models for you and can see from the way you have to adjust your crotch that you do like the way it looks. What do you want to see first? Her boobs? No. How about her ass? The bottoms barely cover anything and make her cheeks look so juicy. What if she bends over and really shows you how good her ass looks? How about the boobs now? The bra slides down so easily that they just pop right out. You don’t mind if she plays with them, do you? Good. She doesn’t mind if you play with your cock either. In fact, she kind of likes watching. If you keep doing that, she might just have to pull off her panties and play with herself. Oh, that made your cock jump. Do you want to see that? That can be arranged. Just keep on stroking while she pulls her panties to the side and rubs her smooth wet pussy lips. Can you watch and still hold out until she cums? If you do, maybe next time you can do more than just watch the VR porn show.
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