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Vanessa Vega: Yes, You Ken


Your super sexy girlfriend, VR Pornstar Vanessa Vega has quite a surprise for you first thing in the morning. She wants some morning delight, and you are the only one who can scratch her itch for her. What better way to get rid of a morning boner than with some tender loving care from your best girl?! Vanessa Vega cannot believe her luck when she pulls back the bed sheets to reveal your engorged morning wood. Her eyes grow bigger as her mouth begins to water in anticipation of swallowing your cock whole in this 8K VR Porn! Once Vanessa Vega’s oral fixation has been satisfied it is her dripping pussy’s turn to take you for a morning spin. Her kitty has been patiently purring, waiting for the moment she can pounce and devour every inch of your cock! This beats coffee and cold showers any day.
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