The Shortcut


Ohana Petite VR has been struggling in school. Her stepfather is tired of paying her college tuition if she is not going to take it seriously. He challenges her to do better and they make an agreement. If she fails her next exam, she has to clean the entire house. Ohana does fail the exam, but the spoiled brat doesn’t want to live up to her end of the bargain. You insist, handing her a maid’s uniform to really teach her a lesson. Ohana starts to change in front of you and notices you staring. She knows how to get out of this punishment now. Only putting on half of the uniform allows her to bend over in front of you and show off her naked ass. She acts like a model from your favorite VR porn videos. That gets your attention so she turns up the heat by rubbing your cock through your pants with her feather duster. Perhaps there is something else she can do instead of cleaning the house. Your big hard cock needs polishing and her mouth is just perfect for that job. She sucks you deep, loving the way you stroke her hair and tell her she does it so much better than her mom. No reason for you to stop now. She has other tight holes for you to explore. When she feels your big cock throbbing in her young pussy, she knows she won’t have to clean the house ever again. She also feels her body responding to your skilled fucking. No more fucking college boys for her. Not when there is such good daddy dick right in the same house. She pulls your cock out of her pussy and makes you promise to send her mom away on trips so she can have all of your cum to herself.
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