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The Scandal


Josephine Jackson thought she would be fine being a stay-at-home wife. She married her rich husband and was happy to quit her job. They had more than enough money and she was content for a while to keep the house clean and enjoy the advantages that come with no longer having to climb the corporate ladder. The arrangement works for a while, but Josephine grows tired of doing all of the work at home. She cleans, she cooks, she does laundry and quickly begins to feel less like his wife and more like a servant. He even stops making love to her. He prefers watching VR porn in his bedroom. Finally fed up, she confronts him, telling him that she doesn’t want to be a maid. She wants to be a woman. She wants to be his wife. Her anger reminds of what a passionate woman she is and reawakens a desire in him. He is more than happy to treat her like a woman and practically tears her clothes off to get at her voluptuous body. As she is bent over the counter, Josephine is pleased to see her husband’s raging hard boner waiting for her. Feeling him enter her from behind, she arches her back and slams her hips towards him. It feels so good to be fucked hard. He hasn’t touched her like this in forever and it’s driving her wild with desire. Spinning her around, he grabs her big tits and gives them a squeeze while she creams all over his thrusting cock. She wraps her big tits around his cock and pumps up and down until he can’t help himself. He just has to blast a huge load all over her pretty face. Josephine is happy to do the cleaning and stay at home as long as he promises to fuck her like a VR porn slut every day for her hard work.
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