Remix Villa Pt.1: Getting the Gig


Fuck the gorgeous Leana Lovings in 180-degree 7K virtual reality in part one of our summer series, Remix Villa. What a weekend. You’ve ended up in a luxurious villa with your girlfriend and five of her hottest gal pals. How did you get here again? Oh yeah, about a week ago, your girl Leanna came to you with some half-baked plans about a girls weekend outside the city. Only problem was they didn’t have a DJ to set the vibes. After offering your services, Leanna returned the favor by giving you one of the best lays you’ve ever had. If you think this is good, well, it only gets better from here. Grab your Quest 2, Go, or Vive and stream or download this immersive VR porn experience here at BaDoinkVR.
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