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Laying Down the Lore


File this memory under “spank bank”! Lexi Lore is hot stuff in the office. She’s new, she’s sexy, and she’s a blonde bombshell with a jaw-dropping body. The other guys in the office have been giving her an insane amount of attention and she’s frankly bored by it – you’re the only guy who’s played it cool over the last month and she’s noticed. She’s super intrigued by your mysterious style and she wants to know more. You don’t get many opportunities to see each other outside of work as you live pretty far from each other – but sexy Lexi lives close by. This might to be your only opportunity for a while and the heat of the moment is getting pretty strong! Strap into your Meta Quest 3, Oculus Go, or Valve Index and see where this close encounter in stereoscopic VR porn takes you…
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