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Knockin’ Boots Camp


Help busty cutie Blake Blossom be all she can be and become the big-dicked Drill Sergeant calling all the shots. Basic training has been kicking her ass and your boot camp is known for being the absolute hardest around! After showing you her scrapes and bruises, Blake will unleash her secret weapons and bring out the big guns. Will she earn her stripes or is Blake on her way to a court martial? Blake’s high-caliber boobs my not be covered by the Geneva Conventions, but she’ll flank your dick with some hot titty fucking and an epic blowjob too. Bend her over and teach her to cover her six as you smash her tight vag with inch after inch of bunker-busting cock! Blake will take the high ground with some cowgirl fucking then spread her legs wide and fuck Blake all over the locker room before she reports back to the barracks. Give her the training she needs and honorably discharge all over Blake’s sweet tits. You’ll be doing all the drilling as Blake Blossom’s Drill Sergeant when you enter
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