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Exploring Tokyo


Ciel Tokyo, a young Japanese VR star, has been tutoring you all semester. As the school’s star athlete, you need to keep your grades up. She also has a huge crush on you, but you have a girlfriend and absolutely do not look at other women. Each week she sits next to you for an hour teaching you Japanese and wanting you more and more. On the day of your final lesson, you find her not at her desk, but on her bed wearing a revealing pink anime dress. You tell her to stop because you have a girlfriend. She refuses and when you try to leave, she reminds you that you will fail without her help. Now that you have to stay, she has a final exam for you. She is going to get naked and play with herself. She will stop, but you have to tell her to stop using only the Japanese you have learned. If you can remember your lessons, she will let you go. If not, you are just going to have to sit there and watch her play. You try to speak, but the words escape you. Ciel finds it cute when you struggle and start to strip, making it even harder for you to concentrate. Watching her pull out her perky tits is too much and you take out your cock. Girlfriend or not, this is too sexy to pass up. Ciel loves watching you pump yourself while she gets naked and talks dirty in Japanese. It reminds her of all her favorite Japanese taboo VR movies. Seeing your cock throb makes her wet as her fingers work into her tight folds. You can’t do more than watch. Your girlfriend would never forgive you. She also wouldn’t finger fuck herself right in front of you either. That is more than you can take and you shoot your load for her. Now you are free to go, but do you really want to?
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