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Nicole Aria stands before the hot robot, who is lying in repose on the bed, naked. Frustration marks her face as she attempts to activate it using the computer controls but the robot remains dormant. She tentatively touches the robot’s dick, and to her surprise, it instantaneously springs to life. A mix of awe and amusement lights up Nicole’s expression, and she exclaims: β€œIt’s the best robot I’ve ever seen!”. She takes off her clothes because she is ready for action. She takes the hard dick with her hands and sticks it inside her mouth to give him a blowjob: she does it deep and fast. Then she wants to be fucked by him so she rides him in cowgirl style and moves to feel the hard dick inside of her. They change positions but keep having sex in a way that both will be pleased. She will come and then she will take his cock and masturbate him so he will be able to cum over her boobs.
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