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Bobbie Lavender in “My Sister’s Hot Friend”


My sister’s friend, Bobbie Lavender, loves video games, and she always plays online with my sister. I’ve had a huge crush on her, and who wouldn’t? She has the curves and the looks that kill, so one day, I saw she was online and requested to play with her with my sister’s account. I really want a date with her, so I made a bet if she can win 2 out of 3 games, I will stop bothering her, but if I win, I get to come over and pleasure her pussy with my thick cock.I’ve had a crush on my sister’s friend, Bobbie Lavender, for a long time now. I’ve asked her out several times, but now I know how to get to her. She loves playing video games online, so I used my sister’s account to invite her to play with me and we made a wager. I would stop asking her out if she wins, but I get to come over and fuck her if I win, and guess who won?!
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